love in the shadows


An unimaginable feeling
A psychic sealing
My heart turns horror 
Because of this terror.

My dreams are true
My visions are unsusceptible
Hopes not shattered
So long I’m not deterred.

Life is a risk
I wuldnt mind living for you
Love is a journey
I wuldnt mind a sojourn
In this world of fantasy 
Hoping it turns to ecstasy.

Say it to the world
Say it to the captives
Let the soothsayers uphold it 
That love conquers all.




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One Sunday afternoon after church, I was still seated with my clique. The fragrance from her hair filled the atmosphere just after she had walked past the door, my dilated pupils  gazing at her, thoughts ran through my head. She was beautiful, the figment of imaginations. I remember when we were both younger and how I was amazed watching her sing in the choir. Just as I was about walking up to her, I started hearing my own heartbeat pound against my chest like it was going to fall through my rib cage as I felt adrenaline rush through my muscles.

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A bowl of green and red cherries,
Golden little balls,
My heart all covered with snow,
And in the night,
It would glow.

A rainbow
Two deers
A chariot of gold
Claus would be the one to come this year
Not Santa


The conifers,
Oooh the conifers,
They are graced with cherries of red and green,
The conifers look down onto the snow man,
He is so white,
With his nose like Pinocchio.


The finest rockets I have ever seen,
Burst with colours of blue and green,
But after thunder,
Silver showers came falling like a rain of flowers.

So I need a spark,
So I can light up the night,
To salute,
The great king that is born every year,
I take a bow,
I make a bow,
With rainbows on my snow covered heart,
And I offer it with love on this day.



Shards of my heart,
Shatter is what it echoed,
In the dark,
The pieces like pisses,
Poses on the floor.

Break broke broken,
Cracks with quacks,
Pieces would stack,
Till I get back and;
Put my heart in the rack.

The cracks would not clear,
Lines of black and silver,
Horizontal and vertical,
Diagonally it’s hysterical,
Still amazed at my own dilemma,
I had seen it before,
Sooner or later.

It was all a dream,
But it wasn’t a dream,
My heart deep in shallow waters,
swollen and broken.

Tears wouldn’t flow,
My spark wouldn’t glow,
Dark shades and a thin veil,
Nothing can express how I feel,
Except shatters.,

chasing dreams


My inspirations are clear scenarios of natural light and greens,
Right in between my sleep and my dreams,
I see wisps of light,
Right in between the figs and twigs,
Fatigued by my own burden,
A real tragedy befalls me If I’m still afraid,
To stand up in the night,
And follow the light.


My dreams lay on the highest mountain,
I’m scared that I’m too fat,
I’m scared that I can’t carry mself up a stair,
I’m scared that I would fall,
But I wouldn’t die,
So let me stumble,
If I fall then I’ll get up,
stamp my feets and climb,
I’ll climb my way up to the stars and if I fall again,
It better be on a star.

An intruder in my shadow,
Freezing from the ice inside my soul,
I’m spinning like a dice that I throwed,
I’m stuck in a world of my own,
I escape my own cells,
A glow in my nucleus,
A glimpse of hope,
A crown awaits the pope.

Dreams would always run,
Running after them would be so much fun,
If we wakeup from the night to smile at the morning sun,
Only to pick our boots and run again,
Dream chasers never sleep,
Their dreams are the realities that they keep,
Step by step,
Till they rise above the fears,
Unparalleled with their peers,
Living a life that is worth a million cheers.

A reason to live


I woke up staring right into the glare of the sun,
Every ray that penetrated my cells had it’s reason for my existence,
The heat expanded my arteries,
The adrenaline seeped into my muscles,
The gush through my chambers,
I could hear it beat,
I came alive.

Tomorrow I might have to fight again,
To fight for a reason,
A reason to run after the sunlight,
A reason to live,
A reason to see the stars light the night,
A reason for the moon to watch me sleep.

A marriage of true minds


When all is lost
Hope still remains
The remains of his heart echoed
A feeling so strong
Strong enough to change the direction of the wind
Strong enough to evoke spirits

I would go to sleep and wakeup like a king
I’m not of royal blood
My blood is made of royalty
My heart craves for her
My heart bleeds to see another hold her hands

My lady
I’m too blind to see any other
If she wouldn’t let me hold her hands
Least I would protect her through the fiercest of battleslThen she would see my true intentions

She was the wisest and the most beautiful queen
She bathe in a tub of roses
Wore the purest of diamonds
Cyan was the light that was on her robe
Her skin glowed like gold in sunlight
Her lips were as red as roses

It’s a starry night
The air is clear and peaceful
Somethings are unavoidable
Our paths have been fated to cross since the dawn of time

Love is destructive as well as it is harmonious
If there is one thing I have learnt
It is that love cannot be denied
Love only dies when you give up on it
When there is love there is a way.

No love

That clairvoyant mind

The mirage that he sees

A forest without trees

An ocean with no water

The night without darkness

I don’t blame him

He has just been through hell

Conquered the devil and he is back

Half man half devil

With his heart out

The man without a heart


I once offered a girl my heart on a platter of gold
I loved her with all of me
She was my addiction
My drug

I love being up at this hour
The hour of darkness
It makes everything look impossible
My heart broke in that moment

I walked away when she walked away
How could I have loved so much
My heart was in her hands
A heart once unassailable
My heart was gone
Gone with the vampire

Today, i’m not my self
I slapped the scornful face of love
This demon bounded me in chains and tied me to the gates of oblivion
After I escaped it’s diabolical train of chain
The blood I spilled to save her was in vain
In it’s shadows I saw the dripping knife
I’m no slave to love anymore
I left her heart to rust in dust
I thrusted in her trust

Now that I am without a heart and her death was by my sword
I fall on to poetry to save me
To excrete this venom in my blood
To drain me of this blood
Now I’m without a drop of blood
I am heartless